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Which logistics lead seal is more practical?

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Update time : 2022-10-10 10:09:57
How to buy cost-effective products when buying lead seals:
1. When purchasing lead seals, it is better to choose the same company for a long time, because the profits of the lead seal products are relatively low, and the manufacturer's quotation will not be much worse. It is difficult to choose a manufacturer with good quality and low price if you give up the previous manufacturer.
2. You can recommend a "Yafeng Hardware Lead Sealing Factory" in a treasure store, which is sold directly by the manufacturer. You can also directly ask the customer service for the qualification of relevant manufacturers, and compare and choose by yourself, which is more affordable.
3. The lead seals of containers are basically made of steel or a combination of steel wires, and they are high-strength high-speed rails and steel wires. Therefore, the lead seals of shipping companies are often called "Bolt seals" and "Cable seals".
4. The bolt  seal and cable seal are a kind of sealing device. Once they are sealed, they will be locked. If they want to open, they can only destroy the lead seal, otherwise they cannot open. Some old lead seals can still be restored to the original state after being opened, but the bolt  seal can not be restored to the original state, with high safety, so it is called high protection seal. The lead seal is often printed with numbers, QR codes, logos, etc. for management and tracking.
5. The lead seal in the container is similar to the one-time lock after the cargo is loaded and the door is closed correctly. Once sealed, the lead seal cannot be opened unless it is violently destroyed (usually cut).
6. The damaged lead seal cannot be reused, and each lead seal has a unique number. Therefore, in marine containers, as long as the container door is properly closed, the lead seal of the fixed number is intact, and the appearance of the box is good, it can be proved that no one opened the container during transportation.
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