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How to choose the right security seal

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2023-02-02 10:52:00
    1. The types of security seal products can be replaced with different types of products according to their needs. When choosing a security seal, you should not only focus on the strength of the security seal, but should pay more attention to its target. If you use an exquisite cable seal for the woven sacks that have already loaded goods, it seems that the goods can be sealed perfectly, but the essence of the seal is ignored. You can use nylon cable tie to seal, but the cable seal is used. In the long run, it will not only increase the burden of use, but also increase the cost. Choosing the right security seal to seal can save a lot of cost.
                        <bolt seal>                              <cable seal>                        <plastic seal>                       <nylon cable seal>

 2.Pay attention to the quality and evaluation of manufacturers, and choose good manufacturers. It is best to purchase security seal products from the same manufacturer for a long time. Due to the wide variety of security seal products, manufacturers rarely have all types of security seal products, and security seal products have low profits. It is difficult to find a suitable one after abandoning one. Therefore, long-term purchase of security seals from the same manufacturer can not only reduce costs, but also have better after-sales service.
          3. look at your own financial ability. Because of the different raw materials, the price is also different. Don't choose the price too high or too low, remember not to be cheap, if you choose the price too low, it may cause greater economic losses.
          The above three points can help you correctly choose the security seal you need
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