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How to choose ear tags? Why not choose a public standard with a metal head?

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Update time : 2022-09-27 11:26:32
Ear tag tips
      The composition of the ear tag The ear tag is the ID card of the animal. It is generally composed of a public tag and a female tag (also called the main tag and the auxiliary tag). The public tag consists of the ear tag surface, the ear tag neck and the ear tag head.
      When the ear tag is used for marking, the ear tag head of the male tag will penetrate the animal's ear, embedded in the female tag, and combined; the ear tag neck will stay in the hole and directly contact the animal's ear; the ear tag surface will be used for Display information. For public tenders, both the selection of materials and the design of shapes are very technically demanding.
Marking link
       Only the penetrating power of the public mark is not enough. In order to successfully complete the marking, the ear tag head needs to have enough penetrating power. The material and shape design of the ear tag head are important factors that determine whether the ear tag head can be successfully marked.
        The material of the ear tag head, there are many metal and plastic splicing tags on the market, that is, by inlaying the hard metal head on the plastic. This kind of ear tag uses a sharp metal head to make a hole in the ear, and then violently pushes the plastic spliced ​​behind it into the animal's ear, which will cause an explosion-type wound, which is difficult to recover in the later stage, and there is a risk of infection. In order to make the penetration stronger, some ear tags will be designed into a cross or blade type. The problem with this kind of ear tag is that the wound formed after marking is larger, which is not conducive to later recovery.
Subsequent use
        In addition to not falling off, it is also harmless to animals. The main purpose of ear tagging animals is to facilitate management, so it is the most sensible to choose ear tags that do not fall off and are harmless to animals.
Is the ear tag easy to fall off?
        The first is the male label itself, the connection between the ear label head and the ear label neck should be strong, and the ear label neck should be flexible and not broken; the second is the inlay of the male label and the female label, whether there is a special design to prevent it from falling off. In this regard, Germany has produced a public standard that does not require splicing through the research and development of materials and improved design. The male mark of this conical ear tag head is easier to mark, and a locking design is added between the male mark and the female mark. After marking, it can withstand the pulling force of the maximum torque of 430. Pull continuously.
 Problems in the use of ear tags
        The metal material is exposed to the air, coupled with the wind and the sun, it is easy to oxidize and corrode, and it is easy to become the carrier of pathogens. Using this kind of ear tag will bury potential safety hazards. Suppose you buy ear tags with metal tips, take them out every few days and see that they are rusted, so you can't use them.
At the same time, the metal ear tags are too sharp. In the daily life of animals, it is easy to injure themselves, and may also injure other animals, threatening the safety of animals, and causing unnecessary trouble to feeding.
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