Market development prospect of nylon cable ties

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Update time : 2022-10-13 13:30:16
                    The traditional ropes and ties in the process have been gradually withdrawn from the market, while more and more enterprises and factories are more willing to use nylon ties. This involves the following aspects:
1. Whether it is rope or traditional wire binding, it is troublesome in actual operation, and the scale of workers' operation is difficult to be the same, so the labor cost is high. However, the use of self-locking nylon cable ties is relatively simple, and the convenient method with the same scale brings higher efficiency to enterprises.
2. Nylon cable ties have high tensile resistance, impact resistance, and strong acid and alkali resistance. In addition, when used in the industry, nylon itself has a certain fire rating of 94V2, but these advantages are not available in traditional ropes and cables.
3. However, in recent years, the world, especially Europe, has put forward environmental protection requirements, but the traditional PVC materials cannot meet the standards set by the European Union. In addition, because traditional wire binding requires a large number of iron wires, the price rise of steel in China has been more than one round, and there are certain risks in the price that have been lost.
4. Traditional ropes and binding wires are generally made of PVC or fiber materials, which will soon be weathered or rotted as time goes by in daily use, bringing inconvenience to the used objects.
5. Just like the traditional PVC binding wire, it needs iron wire to strengthen its toughness and tension. However, because the appearance of some PVC will be separated or aged after a long time of use, the iron wire will be exposed and directly stab the object. If it is used on electric wires and appliances, it will be conductive.
As mentioned above, nylon ties have a relatively stable development market prospect.
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