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Special features of anti-theft seals

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Update time : 2022-09-19 17:36:21
        Anti-theft lead seals can be divided into customs seals, commodity inspection seals and commercial seals according to different personnel. Once the anti-theft lead seal is locked correctly, it cannot be opened unless it is violently destroyed (ie, cut open), and the damaged anti-theft lead seal cannot be reused. Each seal has a unique serial number identification.

        Anti-theft lead seal As long as the appearance of the container is complete, the door of the container is properly closed, and the lead seal is properly locked, it can prove that the container has not been opened without permission during transportation, and the packing person is responsible for the supervision of the inside of the container during packing.
        The anti-theft seal is a plastic accessory used to fix wires, cables and other lines. It consists of two parts, one end is a square plastic opening with a hook-shaped elastic plastic buckle inside, and the other end is a plastic sealing strip with serrations, which can be bent through the plastic opening in the front and form a loop, A belt like trousers can be used to bundle cables.
        Anti-theft lead seals are suitable for various purposes such as tank trucks/container trucks. Since the serrations on the sealing strip can be tightly fitted with the elastic plastic buckle in the plastic opening, the plastic sealing strip can play a very firm fixing role.
        The anti-theft seal is a device similar to a lock applied by a specific person after the goods are loaded into the container and the door of the box is properly closed.
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