Advantages of anti-theft plastic seals used in construction and major industries!

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Update time : 2022-10-20 11:26:16

We often use plastic seals in electronic factories, warehouses, PetroChina, banks, finance, enterprise product inspection, packaging barrel packaging, energy metering, anti theft, leakage and storage, department stores, logistics, radio and television express, express delivery, shipping companies, and buildings. The application of plastic seals in this area is now very mature. What is the reason that various industries prefer such seals, and what are the advantages?

1. The plastic seal strip has high strength, good adhesion, fully integrated putty, etc. It is convenient for construction, reduces labor intensity, speeds up construction, and reduces construction costs. The straight appearance greatly improves the impact resistance wall, protects the wall from damage, effectively avoids the trouble of damaged corners and repeated maintenance.

2. Curvable, convenient construction, beautiful arc.

3. The construction and long-term existence of the sun angle is not straight, beautiful, and the corners are easily damaged. In the exterior wall insulation treatment, the construction speed is slow, and the corners with poor impact resistance are subject to long-term weathering and water seepage, resulting in wall cracking.

4. Mold can be used to make complex shapes, which is easier to shape than metal, with low energy consumption, low cost, corrosion resistance and light weight.

5. The plastic is soft, easy to fold, and has good light transmittance, low price and low production cost. The source of raw materials is also very wide. The plastic is not easy to decay, has good flexibility, occupies a small area, and has a wide range of applications.

6. High anti-static, not easy to aging, good electrical insulation.

Plastic sealing strip products can solve all the above quality problems, and the problem of difficult project handover wall, so as to ensure that the insulation layer does not crack, glass fiber mesh cloth has high bonding strength, and acid and alkali plastic strips. The use of this product, but also improve the level of earthquake prevention, reduce earthquake disaster plastic seal door corner, corner window construction difficulties and specially designed a new building material. The unique climate, corrosion resistance, anti-aging and other characteristics of the plastic seal, which is famous for its strength, are reassuring only when its toughness is good, rather than traditional building materials such as steel, wood and aluminum.

In the current highly competitive market environment, in order to improve the competitiveness of products, manufacturers have invested a lot in product differentiation to maintain a good surplus rate and low costs. This distinction is mainly achieved through design, visual appearance or the need for smaller, more mature systems with the development of new functionality. The economic rationalization of components is another important trend in the industry, such as in the automotive, equipment, electronic and medical fields, because it increases the reliability of end products and reduces the total cost.

For these reasons, plastic seals and other traditional materials have become one of the main strategies for product management in many markets.

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