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Why use meter seals on electric meters

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2021-08-10 17:00:03
          The electricity meter is to more accurately calculate how much electricity people use, so that the grid staff can calculate the electricity bill. However, there are also many people who dismantle and replace the wires in the electric meter to steal the electricity of others for their own use, so in order to prevent this from happening, the electric meter seal appeared.
          Electric meter seal, also known as electric meter lock. The main function is to prevent the occurrence of electricity theft. In the past, lead meter seals were often used to seal electricity meters. Nowadays, lead meter seals are no longer the mainstream meter seals, but various types of meter seals have been improved. The common feature of these electric meter seals is that they are discarded after being sealed and dismantled at one time, but there are many ways to customize electric meter seals.
<Electric meter seal application > 
          In the past, the lead meter seals were made of all lead materials, and the lead meter seals after unpacking and scrapping could easily cause environmental pollution. Therefore, the current electric meter seals are mostly made of plastic materials, built-in stainless steel needles, and electric meter seals. With a lead sealing line, it is combined into an electric meter seal that is environmentally friendly and anti-counterfeiting and anti-dismantling. The customization requirement of electric meter seal is no longer to make a fuss about the product material and appearance, but to make the label into a kind of anti-counterfeiting label, and then engrave the required information on the lock body through marking technology. Such an operation can keep the information on the electric meter seal for a long time, and it also makes it more difficult for the electric meter seal to be imitated.
          In short, the development of electric meter seals has raised the anti-counterfeiting technology of meter seals to a higher level, contributing new forces to the safety of instrumentation.Our company produces high-quality electric meter seals and has a thorough understanding of meter seals. If you have any questions about meter seals, please come to us. Our contact information is:  [email protected];+8615553178162
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