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What are the types of security seals?

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Author : TENGXIN
Update time : 2021-10-20 17:14:15
        There are two general types of disaposable security seals. The two main types are: indicative security plastic seal and barrier container seal. But in today's official terminology, disaposable security seals are divided into three categories. The new ISO-17712 disaposable security seal standard uses three specific classifications based on strength.
1. Indicate security plastic seal
        All lightweight security plastic seals that can be removed by hand or basic tools (such as scissors or ordinary household knives). Indicative security plastic seals are the most commonly used and can be found in most applications, such as handbags, utility meters, wheeled carts, ballot boxes, etc.
<Indicative seal>
2.security seal
        These disaposable security seals have medium strength. Compared with the indicative security plastic seals, the disaposable security seals need some tools to cut open. The increased strength helps to avoid accidental breakage.
3. High security seal
        The term now applies to the strongest and most difficult to cut barrier disaposable security seal. A stronger tool is needed to cut the security seal. Standard tests in this category require resistance to certain levels of tension, bending, and compression. The letter (H) is printed on the disaposable security seal that has been tested and certified to meet the ISO-17712 high security standard. Shipping containers, rail cars and long-distance trucks are the most common commercial uses of barrier disaposable security seals.
<High security seal>
        Although the classification is very useful, some buyers are still confused about which type of disaposable security seal they should buy. To a large extent, most buyers depend on its application. If you want to buy a security plastic seal, but do not know which type of security plastic seal is most suitable for your needs, please contact us, we will provide the most suitable security plastic seal for you according to your needs. 
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