Cable security seal for different industries

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Update time : 2021-08-17 17:54:06
          The main body of the cable security seal can use many different materials, but the most common lock bodies of the wire seal lock are ABS plastic and aluminum alloy.
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          In agriculture, we often see cable security seals made of aluminum because they are usually more resilient to natural environments, especially colder environments. aluminum alloy wire seal locks are less likely to crack and deform at very cold temperatures, which is more suitable for aluminum alloy cable security seals outside of the production workshop or factory environment.
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          For food and beverage production, cable security seals are used in many different situations, the most common is to use wire seal lock to protect them from contamination. This means using wire seal lock to seal valves on drums or bulk cargo shipping containers.
          In the logistics industry, cable security seals are most commonly used in rail cars, containers and truck doors. Wire seal lock lock body specifications are usually determined by customer needs. Because the entire logistics industry wants goods to be shipped quickly and minimize errors, laser-engraved cable security seals are becoming more and more popular because they can effectively shorten the time and avoid manual errors.
          Of course, in these and other industries, wire seal lock has many other applications. In order to better understand which cable security seal can meet your needs, please contact us. Our contact information is: [email protected];+8615553178162
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