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Water meter seal

1. The seal product used on the water meter has a variety of styles. It can be used as a wire seal to seal the water meter, or it can be used as a security seal. It can also be used to seal beans. Sealed directly up. There are many seal products that can be used, but wire seals have a great advantage in terms of safety and number storage.
2. After the wire seal is sealed, not only has a strong sealing force, the laser marking of the lead blockade head has a code number section and bar code and other information can be clearly displayed, can be directly used by the bar code when using or recording Read to mobile devices, eliminating the need for manual transcription. Another security seal, because the surface area is too small can only be printed in white fonts can not add a bar code, seal can only be read through the naked eye on the information on the seal, digital small with a large error rate. In addition, the sealed beans can only be sealed and cannot add any information. After sealing, it is almost impossible to extract any information and can only serve as a seal.
3. The water meter seal is equivalent to the home door key, and there are major safety protection measures for the internal requirements of the water meter. When we have our own formal requirements and find the key that matches the water meter in our house, then we can base on the correct Open the way to see the internal structure of the water meter.