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Fire extinguisher special seal

The fire extinguisher has a key ring-like pin, a round ring-pull hole, so that it can be pulled out with a finger and pull it hard; on the other end, there is a seal or plastic seal, which is customarily called the seal. The role of the seal is to prove that your fire extinguisher is original, unused, in order to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, seal open or damaged, you must find the manufacturer to refill, in order to ensure the normal use of the fire extinguisher.
Plastic seals, wire seals, high security seals, instrument seals, tin seals, disposable padlocks, etc. are collectively referred to as seals in China. It is a one-time lock used to lock expensive goods vehicles, containers, or electricity meters and meters. Gas meters, fuel dispensers, etc., prevent criminals from doing tricks in these items.
Sealing is very versatile and can be used in courier bags, food and beverage, cart fire extinguisher pins, ATM cassettes, ballot boxes, storage boxes, boxes and luggage, medical cases, air cargo, travel bags, accessories, laptop bags, Aviation, express delivery, chemical, banking, government, firefighting, medical, catering, fisheries, retail, e-commerce, electricity, and more.