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Container seals

As a kind of anti-theft locks (logos), the new lead seal (Shi blockade) has been adopted in more and more fields. How to choose the correct type of lead seal (Shi blockade)
1. We must first choose a manufacturer whose quality reputation is guaranteed (products that do not have a quality reputation guarantee that the product will not lock up will not function as an anti-theft agent).
2. Sign the contract before ordering. The manufacturer is required to promise that a new type of lead seal (Shi blockade) that does not provide the same mark and number to the third party is very important.
3.Try not to use the same size/color product (easy to copy) that many manufacturers produce.
4. Any product has a certain manufacturing cost, some products with low prices must pay attention to when purchasing (some manufacturers cut costs by cutting corners).
Sealing Notes Edit
In order to ensure the safe and effective application of the customs blockade, the Customs application of the blockade must be added to the sealing position of the round screw of the container. In order to enter the container vehicles sealed by Customs and Excise Department, please seal the seals or commercial seals of the shipping companies to the position of the hex screws and reserve the sealing position of the round screws for Customs locks. To avoid causing customs seizures to be occupied and to be sealed by the Customs, resulting in unnecessary compensation losses.