Air freight is an important part of modern air logistics air freight business. Air freight is an indispensable way to transport valuables, fresh goods and precision instruments in international trade.

Air freight is mainly in the form of centralized shipment, or directly entrusted by the consignor to the air freight agent. After the goods arrive at the destination, they are transferred to the consignee by the related person of the air freight agent at the place of shipment. In addition to the airlines involved in the business, but also rely on the assistance of air freight forwarders. Most of the air express companies are multinational companies. These companies, in the form of sole proprietorship or joint venture, have businesses all over the world and set up a global network. The transmission of air express is basically completed within multinational companies. The international postal service, on the other hand, cooperates with the postal agencies of most countries in the world in the form of Universal Postal Union.


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