Commodity inspection. Generally used for import and export trade. Of course, sometimes it is possible to use domestic trade in different places, but less. The commodity inspection agency will issue a certificate to prove the quality and quantity of your goods. The buyer can know whether the quality of the goods is consistent with the demand by the commodity inspection form you issue. Sometimes it will be listed as one of the negotiation documents.

China entry exit inspection and quarantine bureau is the most authoritative and largest inspection institution in China. Generally, the export of Chinese products is subject to commodity inspection here. SGS, the most public commodity inspection agency in the world, has offices in major cities in China.
Commodity inspection can be divided into several categories:
1) the customer needs commodity inspection. In order to ensure that the goods received by the customer are consistent with the contract, the customer will ask you to conduct commodity inspection and issue a commodity inspection form.
2) China needs legal inspection of goods. Some countries stipulate that the goods to be exported must be inspected before they are exported.
3) goods that need legal inspection in the importing country. The importing country may stipulate that certain goods exported by China must be inspected. The inspection may be carried out in China or at the place of import.


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