The development of world ports has experienced three generations. The function of the first generation of ports is defined as a pure "transportation center", which mainly provides ship berthing, loading and unloading, transshipment and storage of marine cargo; the function of the second generation of ports is defined as "transportation center + Service Center", which not only provides loading and unloading and storage of cargo, but also adds industrial and commercial activities to the port logistics, which makes the port have the value-added function of cargo; the function of the third generation of ports As an international logistics center, it not only keeps the strong distribution function of tangible goods in international trade and further improves the distribution efficiency of tangible goods, but also integrates the distribution of tangible goods, technology, capital and information.

At present, the second generation of the world's major ports is still the mainstream of development, but with economic globalization, market internationalization and information networking, some large ports have begun to transform to the third generation. In the process of port logistics development, the development track of port logistics is a process from cost concept to profit concept to comprehensive logistics service concept. The concept of cost pursues to reduce the total cost of logistics, and the concept of profit pursues to obtain the maximum profit, while the concept of comprehensive logistics service pursues not only the efficiency and cost of natural circulation of goods, but also the awareness of customer service, the practical transformation of operation and management methods, the integration according to the requirements of modern logistics, the management and control centered on customers, and the provision of perfect logistics services. Business.

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